8 Books or Series – Reviews and Suggestions


2 months ago, I wrote a blog post. I barely wrote anything since. Sometimes a good nasty bout with a mental illness can take away the things you love, and to get out of the depressing slump you have to start doing the things you love again. Since November, I did not review anything, but I read about 20 books! Here are some of them and some quick thoughts/suggestions.

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Lines of Justice: Aždaja by Lee Sherred – A Book Review


‘Now with this bell end in his face all he could think of were Tanks words. “What can they do to you?” He couldn’t really answer that.’

Lines of Justice: Aždaja by Lee Sherred is non-stop thrilling, full of suspense (and gore), and a story that will hook you until the end!

3.75 stars!

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Why Do You Read?

Readers of today are lucky to be part of a modern society which has various tools to help us connect to our fellow readers from around the world. Social media has connected humankind together in ways never imagined only a few decades ago. Today we have platforms such as Goodreads, NetGalley, Amazon, and a bunch of other tools to help readers, publishers and authors spread the joy of literature. Without such tools, I would never have been able to find my passion in books.  I never would have thought that so many people share the same passion!

By interacting with various readers from around the world, I’ve noticed many different motivations people use to keep reading. What keeps your nose in between the pages of a good (or bad) book? Here are my reasons for reading:

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What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions – A Audiobook Review


The most entertaining book I’ve ever listened to… and yes, this is a SCIENCE BOOK! It only takes a former NASA roboticist to make science hilarious and fun! Luckily, we have one doing just that!

OOooooooh god! I wish I had stumbled on this MANY years ago… but it was only published in 2014 and I only discovered it in 2017. Let me get straight to the point. If you ever find yourself thinking what would happen if someone threw a baseball at lightspeed, then read this book! Here’s a hint:


This What If book is based on questions asked by fans on the author’s website, Randall Munroe, XKCD. As the title explains, people ask these absolutely absurd questions and… Randall ANSWERS THEM… and puts great effort in researching this absurd shit! It’s highly entertaining and I recommend visiting his website as well. If you didn’t get enough from the book, there are more questions and answers on the site PLUS funny comics!

I even found this very inspiring! A roboticist leaving NASA… (NASA!!!) to write stick figure comics full time is pretty damn inspiring! I mean… even if this wasn’t very successful I would have found inspiration in this. Who cares about the high-paying demanding jobs that require you to sell your soul for the work that you do… go out there, find your passion and just draw stick figures if that’s what you love doing!

So I listened to the Audiobook version. The physical book version has comics and is very entertaining, HOWEVER… (I’m going to repeat myself from my previous posts) Wil Wheaton narrates the audiobook version and does a FANTASTIC job! I swear … I’m becoming a huge fan based solely on his audiobook work! Ensign Wesley who?? enSIGN me up to his work! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This innovative piece of work gets full 5 stars from me!

I recommend to anyone who has any interest in science (physics, astrophysics, biology, geology, etc.) OR anyone who loves to laugh!


Letters from a Stoic (a selection), Epistulae morales ad Lucilium By Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Translated by Robin Campbell – A Discussion

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 BC – 65 AD) was a Roman Stoic Philosopher, also known as Seneca the Younger or, most commonly and simply, as Seneca. After fifteen years serving as tutor and advisor to the Roman Emperor Nero, Seneca retired to a secluded home outside of Rome, where he devoted the rest of his life to Stoic Philosophy and writing. In this time he wrote 124 letters addressed to Lucilius, procurator of Sicily.

Letters from a Stoic (a selection) is a version of the collection that does not contain all the letters. These were selected by the translator Robin Campbell as the letters most displaying the man and his philosophy. Some were cut short and omitted due to repetitiveness or simply as the translator’s personal choice.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a “philosopher” as we call it in modern times. I did not study philosophy as a subject in a higher education school. However, I am a “philosopher” as they called it in ancient times, in which I am a seeker of wisdom. I wish to learn. Some of my points may be way off. In such cases, I would be very grateful to engage in discussions and hear your views. Any comment is much appreciated.




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